| Estonian Music Information Centre, 03.10.2016

On October 1, International Music Day, the laureates of music awards of the year 2016 were announced. Ceremony took place in Kumu Art Museum with the concert of Tallinn Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Risto Joost. The stage director of the evening was Veiko Tubin, the host was Priit Pius.

Laureates of Estonian Music Council Music Prizes:
Composition Prize: Ülo Krigul
Interpretation Prize: Vello Pähn
Prize for significant and outstanding activities in music sphere: Tiina Mattisen

Laureates of the Awards of the Endowment for Music of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia:
Ain Agan – original and outstanding creative activity
Ensemble U: – pithful journeys on contemporary music scene
Estonian Music Information Centre – two decades of precise and diverse distributing and collecting of music information
Imbi Tarum – excellent creatyive activity both in Estonia and abroad
Jüri Kruus – passionate contribution in preserving Estonian vocal art
Kalle Randalu – brilliant and outstanding creative activity
Maria Kõrvits – successful creative activity with the high achievement like the first prize in the youth category  at the Rostrum of Composers held in Wroclaw in 2016
Priit Kuusk – continuous collecting of chronicle of Estonian music life
Risto Joost– performances of Estonian music at home and abroad


В Петербурге завершился юбилейный фестиваль «Музыкальный Олимп»

| «Ведомости» , 08.06.2015

“На заключительном концерте юбилейного «Олимпа» в Концертном зале Мариинского театра за пульт театрального оркестра встал исключительно одаренный Ристо Йоост (лауреат конкурса имени Йормы Панулы, 2012). Для затравки «врезали» иронично-шаловливую, стремительную увертюру к «Кандиду» Бернстайна. И это было правильно – в зале сразу же воцарилась атмосфера праздника.

Четкий жест, внятная мануальная техника, открытая, дружелюбная манера общения с музыкантами и необыкновенно точное чувство формы сразу же привлекли к эстонскому дирижеру симпатии зала. Солистам было с ним комфортно и спокойно; Ристо Йоост оказался чуток к каждому исполнительскому импульсу, умел поймать и отрефлексировать любое, едва уловимое понижение интонации или замедление темпа.”


With the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

| Eckernförder Zeitung, 12.08.2013

“The 33-year-old Estonian Risto Joost conducts with tremendous preciseness altough without baton. His body tense from tip to toe, he incites the orchestra to beautifully gentle and explicitly precise cues and blooming sounds. He passed on his positive attitude to the musicians. The five pieces for string orchestra by Estonian composer Heino eller, one of the founders of the Estonian symphony and chamber music, was dominated by the strings.”


Captivating expressiveness

| Hele-Maria Taimla, SIRP/ Estonian national weekly cultural newspaper

“This year’s season opening concert of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra marked the orchestra’s 20th anniversary. It was also Risto Joost’s first concert as the TCO’s principal conductor. Just a few days ago, the orchestra had been awarded the Estonian Music Council’s prize for interpretation. The atmosphere in the House of Blackheads was dignified and the audience gathered in the hall were expectant.”

“There is an air of mutual understanding and respect between Risto Joost and his orchestra, creating good grounds for subtle and refined performances. The fruits of their cooperation were immediately visible in how sensitively the orchestra reacted to Joost’s rubato and the changes in dynamics. Throughout the concert, the audience was repeatedly delighted with a beautifully silent piano, or with a forte that gave the impression of twice as many players on the stage. In addition to a clear dynamic plan, Joost’s conducting also displays narrativity: he infuses the piece with expressive dynamics and gives emphatic cues to both the sections and soloists, valuing players as characters whose entries and exits form an important part of the story. The symbiosis of musical narrative and delicate dynamics is what makes the music so enchanting and allows it to captivate the audience. And this is exactly what it did.”


Ohne Frantz und Taktstock

| Julia Lucas, newspaper inSüdhüringen/ Germany

Der erst 33 Jahre alte Joost – in hiesigen Gefilden noch ein Unbekannter, wenn er auch unlängst im Schleswig-Holstein-Musikfestival zu sehen und zu hören war – ist Kapellmeister an der Estonia National Opera in Tallinn. Ein echter Theaterdirigent, was er mit Richard Wagners Tannhäuser-Ouvertüre unter Beweis stellte und das zu Beginn des Konzerts noch skeptische Publikum entschieden und auf der Stelle für sich zu gewinnen vermochte. Das CCS bebte nach diesem Auftakt, der in seiner musikalischen Geschlossenheit und Dramatik seinesgleichen suchte. Joost leitete energisch und kraftvoll und mit der Bescheidenheit des sicheren Handwerkers die Musiker aus über 40 verschiedenen Nationen und fünf Kontinenten und führte sie zu Einigkeit, Stimmigkeit, Fülle und einer gerade bei den Bläsern erstaunlichen Weichheit des Klangs.


Ohne Taktstock durch die Welt der baltischen Musik

| mla, Eckernförder Zeitung/ Germany

Der 33-jährige gebürtige Este Risto Joost dirigierte obgleich ohne Taktstock mit unglaublicher Präzision. Den Körper von Kopf bis Fuß gespannt, mit atmenden Bewegungen und Magie stiftete er das Orchester zu schönen weichen, ausgesprochen präzisen Einsätzen und aufblühender Klangentwicklung an. Sein positiver Ausdruck übertrug sich auf die Musiker. Die fünf Stücke für Streichorchester des estnischen Komponisten Heino Eller, einer der Gründer der estnischen Sinfonie und Kammermusik, dominierten noch die hohen Streicher.